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Alami Alor Resort

Alami Alor is an intimate and personalized resort. The snorkeling in Alor is world class with pristine coral walls and slopes, great macro life including the elusive Rhinopias and also pelagic life such as Whales, Dolphins, Hammerheads, Thresher Sharks, Mola-Mola and Devil Rays. The resort has waterfront bungalows, a guest lounge with sundeck area, a dining room and a dive center with camera room. The guest lounge and sundeck area is a comfortable place to relax in between snorkels, and at the end of the day it is a meeting point where you can enjoy a snack and local beer or bottle of wine whilst discussing the day’s snorkels. At Alami Alor you can enjoy a full breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the dining room. The resort serves an assortment of dishes influenced mostly by tropical Indonesian and Asian style, but also international cuisines.

Alami Alor has 6 guest bungalows along the waterfront, 2 of which have 1 king bed plus 1 single bed, and 4 with 1 king bed. All of the bungalows have air-conditioned bedrooms with open-air garden bathrooms. The bathrooms have a hot water rain shower. On the front terrace each bungalow has lounge chairs.

Each day generally starts with a continental breakfast setting of cereals, homemade bread or pastries, spreads, tropical fruits, coffee and tea. There is also a daily a la carte menu for cooked breakfast dishes such as eggs and hash brown potatoes or Indonesian breakfast of fried rice or fried noodles. Lunch and dinner include a variety of local vegetables, fish and chicken, accompanied by freshly made salads, soups and desserts.

Alami Alor lounge and dining area

Snorkeling with Alami Alor
The Alor region is one of the most fantastic places on earth to snorkel. Alor’s tropical and clear waters combined with colorful, healthy and bio-diverse shallow reefs make for an unforgettable and incomparable snorkeling experience. During your stay at Alami Alor you will have the opportunity to visit a variety of snorkeling environments with Alor’s numerous coral reef sites, pelagic snorkeling in the Pantar Strait, and the resort’s house reef. As one of Alami Alor’s snorkeler guests interested in exploring the Alor Islands by boat, you have the option to join the morning boat for a half day trip. One of the resort’s experienced snorkeling guides will accompany you in-water, helping to search for and identify fish and reef creatures.

Thanks to Alami Alor’s fantastic house reef you don’t even have to hop on a boat to have a great time. It is an excellent and convenient place for snorkelers to explore with access via the dock’s floating platform. From morning until evening, you can look out for octopi, swimming eels, lobsters in their holes, pipefish, batfish and plenty of schooling fish circling at the surface. At the right tide, juvenile black-tip reef sharks prowl the shallow reef top chasing small fish. At sunset, the resort’s crew is happy to join you on an adventurous quest to find the resident mandarinfish that live in the shallow water just meters from the jetty.

To book your stay at Alami Alor Resort email or call +44 (0) 161 439 6016.